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Modern-day self-care essential
for busy users

Mental health is now a global issue. Job insecurity heightened anxiety, isolation, and sudden losses have become topics too familiar to all of us. This accumulated stress creates an invisible strain on the mind. And If not appropriately assessed and managed, these psychosocial risks can trigger or deepen distress, leading to chronic mental health disorders.

Capitalising on our technological capabilities and expertise, our solution aims to transform the way people have access to mental healthcare. mHaven is an interactive, app-based programme that aims to comfort, educate and motivate our users to stay mentally fit by encouraging self-care and providing guided support.

Created By Experts

Developed in partnership with a team of global experts.

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Personalised For User's Pertinent Needs

Assessments to anticipate mental health concerns and create customised support.

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Backed By Science And Research

Based on insights from extensive clinical research ensuring all advice & guidance is informed by the latest science.

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Holistic Mental Well-Being Solution

Comprehensive communication and engagement strategy and program to create a supportive environment.

mHaven Behavioural Health Coaching

Human touch powered with tech

mHaven's behavioural health coaches provide personalised guidance to users through text-based care. Our coaching feature encourages users to take charge of their mental well-being through guided support.

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Real Conversations

Access to our trained and experienced behavioural health coaches.

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Professional Support

Help with handling day-to-day problems and stressors.

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Safe & Secure

A convenient, safe and secure space for users to express how they feel.

Key Benefits

How can Coaching help you

Behavioural health coaching transforms how people understand life by challenging and changing the way they think, feel and behave. Through mHaven coaching, users can build the strongest version of themselves through developing better habits.

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Help users establish a clear vision, sense of purpose alongside a positive attitude

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Help users improve collaboration and build meaningful relationships

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Be Positive

Help users establish a clear vision, sense of purpose alongside a positive attitude

Personalised Behavioural Health Coaching

Coaching, tailored to your needs

Whether a user is looking for professional support to deal with daily stressors or guidance for personal development, mHaven's behavioural health coaching feature helps users achieve their well-being goals.

Distress Management

Proactive Care

Goal-Oriented Guidance

Our Approach

Behavioural Health Coaching backed by science and research

mHaven Behavioural Health Coaching is informed by an evidence-based coaching model, which includes the following:

1. Positive Psychology
2. Motivational Interviewing
3. Self-Determination Theory
4. Appreciative Inquiry

Together, mHaven behavioural health coaches will work hand-in-hand with users to reach their well-being goals.

Through a Strengths-based approach, mHaven coaching guides users to rediscover their purpose, improve their productivity, work towards an enhanced self-belief, and ultimately, achieve improved mental well-being.

mHaven in a Nutshell

Transforming the way people access mental healthcare

We have used our expertise in data, technology & clinical research to create personalised, interactive & determinedly human well-being journeys that help people embrace self-care.

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Targeted questions to assess user's current Personality and Mental Health State.

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Use assessment feedback to create a meaningful indicator of mental well-being and provide personalised future interventions.

Category Mapper that shows antidepressant drugs selected.

Educational content to Increase mental health literacy and encourage mental health activation.

R Code interface that showcases the code panel with different types of files such as 'R', CSV, Image.

Access to local, corporate and insurer resources.

Who we are

In-House Behavioural
Health Coaches

mHaven is more than a product. We offer holistic programme for corporate employees, designed to foster a continuous culture of mental well-being at workplace.mHaven coaches are passionate about supporting the mental well-being of others. All of them have training and experience in behavioural guidance, and in health, wellness, and mental health fields. They are also skilled in core coaching skills to help users achieve their goals.

It is important to note that our coaches are not therapists. If something comes up that is outside of their capabilities, they will assist the user in finding the appropriate level of care.

Coach availability is from Monday to Friday, 11AM to 8PM SGT/HKT (excluding public holidays). List of public holidays:


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